Inspired by the changing of the seasons, this lamp plays with light. Like leaves falling from trees, finding their way to the forest floor. At once a transition but also the memory of the beautiful light they cast from the canopy. Like fresh laundry, having washed away the past, only to blossom with new brilliance. Glass in different colors gives you the chance to compose your own color scheme. By changing around the shades you can add variety. This dimmable lamp is available in two sizes and can also be bought as a standing or table lamp.


2019 Bakalowits Lighting Design Award Winner

2020 German Design Award Winner/ excellent product design/Lighting

2020 Iconic Award Winner/Innovative Interior

brushed Brass, coloured Glass

Lightsource: LED
Accessories: clothespin


Bakalowits Licht Design Gmbh,

Photo Credits
Maximilian Bakalowits